About VILMA Consulting

About VILMA Consulting

VILMA Consulting has focus on high quality and substantial impact within agile coaching and agile courses for companies. VILMA Consultings speciality is coaching related to implementation of agile methods, in particular the team dynamics like what works, how team members and Product Owners collaborate, why the value adding lies there and how we activate that the smartest way.

Majken has developed a practically focused training program for Product Owners to pinpoint the special value adding (and waste creating) actions for a Product Owner.

We are specialised in

  • Agile Coaching for teams, ScrumMasters, Product Owners and project governance. Furthermore, coaching of teams with large diversity in terms of education and/ or culture.
  • Courses focusing on practice aimed at
    • team and ScrumMaster
    • (groups of) Product Owners
  • SAFe  with/without certification tailored at the Companys current situation. This course is idel to combine with courses focusing on practice for teams and/or Product Owners.

A standard program is a one-day course for team and ScrumMaster plus follow up coaching of team, ScrumMaster and Product Owner over the following 2-4 development iterations to strengthen the application of agile methods in you company.

All courses can be held in Danish and English.

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