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Agile Service Desk

Agile Service Desk

Swift and seamless access to highly qualified help and advisory is key for an agile journey to succeed – getting momentum fast, lifting off towards continuous improvement when your team/ organisation is ready. This is the mission for Agile Service Desk.

Agile Service Desk is your shortcut to that, with flexible terms and transparent pricing up front. No hidden bills to arrive later. And no need for a full time consultant in house.

Agile Service Desk is relevant for all small and medium sized organisations who are looking to get more payoff from the agile ways of working, here and now. And in addition, be able to succeed at team level with delivering the right product in the right quality.


  • Flexible online/on phone support on your need for help.
  • Workshop on your topic (from team-level agile to scaling agile, from managers or economic point of view etc.) 
  • Presentations on your topics (from getting started with agile to accelerate the agile journey) 
  • Training sessions for Teams, Product Owners, Product Managers, Leaders etc.
  • On the job training of new Product Owner, ScrumMaster
  • Temporary Product Owner or ScrumMaster

Areas of expertise

  • Agile and scrum for team
  • Scaling agile for groups of teams (SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Scrum@Scale)
  • Product Backlog prioritisation and backlog readiness 
  • Estimation and forecasts
  • Collaboration between Team and Product Owner
  • Performance metrics for agile teams
  • Establishment of Vision for product
  • Setting-up of product teams (cross-functional teams)
  • Buurtzorg




10 sessions of 30 minutes support

7 500


10 sessions of 60 minutes support

13 500

DKK + VAT (save 1 500DKK)

Terms: The voucher is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Unused tickets are not refundable. Agile Service Desk will update voucher holder on every use with amount of remaining tickets. 

Contact Agile Service Desk for more info.