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Agile courses and coaching

Agile courses and coaching

VILMA consulting is specialised in all aspects of agile courses and coaching from single team agile implementation and continuous improvement to organisation wide scaled agile implementations involving 1000+ employees.

All agile courses are combines theory with practise from numerous organisations and across business sectors. The objective has always been to deliver maximum business value. And to achieve that, it is essential to get the business and technology side of product development to work as one team.

  • Agile Coaching
  • Hands-on agile courses focusing on practise
  • Scrum@Scale training and coaching
  • SAFe courses with/without certification
  • Presentations on agile topics
  • Hire for attitude and train for skills 

Below you find further description of what we offer within coaching, training, certification and advisory services for all levels of the organisation.

Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching is the modern version of peer-to-peer training, where the agile coach is the experienced colleague. It is relevant for entire teams, ScrumMasters, Product Owners and the Company’s and project/ programme governance. The agile coaching of teams is also highly relevant for coaching of teams with a wide diversity when it comes to educational background, cultural origin, language skills etc. as this largely impacts the forming of teams, equal and active participation and setting shared agile standards for the team.

Hands-on courses

Hands-on courses focusing on practise targeted at teams and their ScrumMaster, (groups of) Product Owners, plus the governance around a project/ programme. The courses focused on practise are particularly relevant for companies about to embark on their agile journey, for newly established teams, and teams where effective collaboration and/or trust is identified as an issue. This course can also be used as an efficient mean to introduce new employees to the Company’s specific agile implementation.

The practical course for Product Owners is ideal for companies that are fairly new to agile methods and has multiple teams running in parallel, and therefore have a need to efficiently get multiple Product Owners prepared to lift the responsibility. The Product Owners will share the same understanding of how and when they are most value adding, plus automatically have kickstarted an internal forum (a Community of Practise) for sparring based on the same principles.

Scrum@Scale® training and coaching

Scrum@Scale® getting started is targeted at organisations with a need for ‘pure’ agile product development. And furthermore the organisations have development initiatives of a size that demands coordination, for more efficient delivery.

Scrum@Scale is an agile scaling framework based on scrum and using scrum itself, for the scaling. To get started with Scrum@Scale, this package will combine training and coaching for teams, ScrumMasters, Product Owners and relevant coaching/training for the higher levels of the Scrum@Scale organisation. Further, progress and success will be transparent via relevant metrics throughout the transition.

SAFe – Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe course with/ without certification targeted at the Companys current way of working. For organisations starting a SAFe transformation with  little prior agile experience, we do recommend a combination of relevant SAFe certifications courses targeted at each function (development teams, managers, Product Owners, architects, DevOps etc) and for teams, ScrumMasters and Product Owners extended with a practical hands-on course on the agile development flow within the development iterations.

Management Sparring & Inspiration

Presentations on agile topics with flexible durations, flexible format and topic of your choice. Examples of previously held presentations are

  • Product Backlog Prioritisation – overview of methods and cons & pros
  • Why and how to scale agile – overview and comparison of established frameworks
  • Introduction to agile methods for Sr. Management
  • KPI and Programme follow up in an agile context
  • Agile contracts vs. traditional contracts
  • Agile, Scrum and Kanban – and how value is added

Hire for attitude and train for skills

Hire for attitude and train for skills  programme. If you are challenged hiring the ideal candidate as ScrumMaster or Product Owner, then growing them internally is a cost-effective alternative.

This package adresses the ‘train for skills’ part by growing an employee to be the preferred candidate on skills, eg. within the employees probation period. The programme may be combined with advisory on hiring the right candidate for the job and/or presenting the business case for hire for attitude, train for skills compared to regular hiring of an experienced candidate.

Other courses

Tailor made courses targeted specifically at your Company and your requirements. A typical package is a one-day practical hands-on course for team and ScrumMaster plus ongoing coaching of team, ScrumMaster and Product Owner for the following 2-4 iterations, to ensure internalisation of new knowledge and new ways of working.

All packages are fitted to your company and can be taught in Danish and English.

Read more on the agile coach.

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