We’re agile! But is ’that’ it?

We’re agile! But is ’that’ it?

Yay! We now have agile ways of working and everyone is happy. But is ‘that’ it? Could we do (even) better, could we deliver (even) more, could we be ‘more excited by our agile transition’?

As how can you really know if what has been done is ‘good’ or simply ‘good enough’ and how much better could it become? And how can you achieve that?

Suppose you do the agile meetings as described, maybe you have a scrum board (digital or physical board) and a ScrumMaster – well, that should classify as agile! Well, maybe – but it is not guaranteed. You could also be agile without the meetings and board (although this requires something else).


Therefore, you do not get the full benefit of being agile!

Ways to self examine is eg. How long time passes from idea to product is alive? How well de you react to changes? How are you impacted if a key person on the team is removed? How often and for how long does team wait for clarifications? How motivated are each team member? Does the team deliver at a high and steady level? Do each team member thrive on the team (and do you believe they are still there in ½ to 1 year)? Who represents the team?

These are examples of questions that indicate that you can benefit more from the agile ways of working.

But, how can I tell?

Well, you need to look for answers; listen as and when it is articulated. And be aware that in some cases others can get answers that you cannot obtain. Perhaps because these are not always expressed on a 1-10 scale, but surfaces (indirectly) eg. in a Sprint Review or other inspection point. An experienced and shrewd Agile Coach that has personally operated in the various agile roles, knows how this emerges and should be able to tell from the teams interaction and cooperation, that there is an issue, and specifically where.

Good luck with your agile journey!

Majken Vildrik Thougaard, Independent Agile Specialist & Owner of VILMA Consulting


PS: If you already invested in the agile transformation then remember to collect the value add! No one will thank you for leaving that behind.


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